October 10, 2022

Adil Mania

Behind the talk-show "Le Patron".

Photo credit : Adil Mania By Antoine Boucaut

Who's Adil Mania ?

"I am 25 years old, I grew up in Morocco. I arrived in France in 2016 and entered the world of entrepreneurship!"


What's Le Patron ?

"It's an interactive business talk show, the only one that exists. I invite VIPs to interact with the audience! Anyone can interact with them."

Have you been working on it for long?

"Le Patron is a continuation of what I've been doing for the last year and a half. I started on twitch over a year ago. It's the format I prefer, the most interesting. Bringing back inaccessible stars so that people can talk to them and listen to them."


Feedback ?

"I've received some really cool messages, one of which said that fortunately I wasn't doing a podcast! This format allows you to be an actor rather than a viewer. There is also the learning aspect! It allows you to learn how to launch your start-up."

A dream guest ?

"There are a lot. 1: I love new discoveries, it's so rewarding! 2: Elon Musk → so inspiring, the impact would be huge."


How do you see it evolving ?

"For the talk show: it's going very well! We need to reduce the technical bugs. We've started the season very well, we're going to try to make the talk as fluid as possible. For the pitch part, the answers are too long so we can lose people. For the 10/10 episode, there will be a timer to shorten the answers to make the talk more dynamic. For the media: we want to increase the educational content, focus even more on start-ups, the universe, how to set up a start-up. As well as highlighting the nuggets that exist."

Adil Mania.