October 12, 2022

Alexandra Wolf

Behind the camera of Alexandra.

Photo credit : Alexandra Wolf By Antoine Boucaut

Who's Alexandra Wolf ?

"I'm a 37 year old girl, born in Bucharest/raised in Cyprus + a New Yorker for the past 12 years."

What do you do in life ?

"I shoot people for a living, with a camera."

IMG_7373 2.jpg

When did you start photography ?

"Professionally, 12 years ago when I moved to New York. Before that I would shoot as an amateur and have been surrounded by cameras from an early age as my father was a videographer."


Why do you love photography ?

"I’m a very low profile person and an introvert at heart so I think Photography is a way of expression for me. It’s my way of documenting the world around me and my emotions. I couldn’t imagine myself not being involved with art. Photography projects are different most of the time and as a person who does not like routine, it keeps things interesting."

How was this Paris Fashion Week ?

"Incredible and so much fun despite the bad weather. Paris is the place to be right now and I feel like after Covid, everyone is a little more authentic, the concepts and the shows. There's an effort to be truthful and realistic."


A favorite photo of PFW ?

"Kylie Jenner in a very romantic and nostalgic setting outside the Ritz wearing a beautiful Schiaparelli black heart chocker which is such a strong symbol for me personally and metaphorically."

Photographer & director : a preference ?

"I love shoots that are not restrained, where guidelines don’t exist and you’re just free to create magic."

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Best memory ?

"Working with Sarah Jessica Parker on her perfume campaign “Glow”."

Alexandra Wolf.