November 11, 2022

Alizée Tripon

Freelance & traveller.

Photo credit : Alizée Tripon By Antoine Boucaut

Who is Alizée Tripon?

"A 30 year old woman, freelance influence manager and creator of Boulotte Vintage with my mom. Something I love? Traveling!"

What do you do for a living?

"After several years in Paris as an employee at Accor and in an influencer agency, I needed freedom! So I left all that to become a freelancer and do what I love."


Important to travel?

"I've been an avid traveler since I was a little girl so once I started freelancing, I started working from other countries!"

Didn't you travel at Accor?

"I was leaving 2x a month but I didn't have time to settle down. I would be there for 3 days and then come back. Now I take the time to soak up the place."


Are you turning down projects?

"Today, my status allows me! So I refuse projects that do not fit with my values!"

Reaction of your entourage on your lifestyle?

"Some people don't understand how I can leave for 1 month, alone, in another continent and work from afar but that's what I love!"


Any advice?

"Create a list of things we'd like to do but are afraid of! It's when we're afraid to jump, that we should do it!"

Alizée Tripon.

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