December 2, 2022


First exhibition in Liege.

Photo credit : Artik By Antoine Boucaut

As a reminder, who is Artik?

"Who I am... I'm still learning and discovering myself. But I would say that Artik is a 21 years old artist, dissatisfied, who has difficulty to express himself with words and who paints on sneakers to transform steps in small stories. With a passion for designing and creating, I place a lot of importance on the emotions my creations can evoke."

Since the last time, has anything special happened?

"My 1st exhibition!"


How did your exhibition go?

"It was new for me, but I really liked it. The presence, the support, but especially the feedback from people made me realize that this project really makes sense."

How did it feel to present your own work?

"I would say it was a mixture of doubt and certainty. What I enjoyed doing was creating Tackling themes, subjects, whether sad or not, putting words, strokes, colors, to express my way of seeing things to touch others. I want to create something multi-sensory."


How were the returns?

"The returns are what made me realize that my works don't do anything to me. That it is through others that I perceive them. The way others feel them, read them, see them, that's what really touches me."

A standout moment from the event?

"My speech... It's something I didn't enjoy doing, and I don't think I'll do it again. I don't feel comfortable speaking in front of people, especially talking about myself and my story. But I know it was an important step at that first show, people had to put a face, a story, a person to Artik."


Other goals to follow?

"I've started working on my next project, which is going to be "UNTREATED". I really want to keep creating but I also want to see the world."