October 25, 2022

Benjamin Potie

Art director, video maker and photographer.

Photo credit : Benjamin Potie & Pauline Birdy By Antoine Boucaut

Benjamin Potie, who is he?

"I'm 24 years old and I'm a videographer, photographer and art director for passionate entrepreneurs."

Are you freelance?

"Yes freelance on the type of projects I was just talking about."

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An advantage of being a freelancer?

"Being able to choose my projects! I've already worked with people who are only looking for production and I'm not interested in that anymore. If the project doesn't inspire me, I don't do it."

Do you have a podcast?

"Yes "Under Inspi". I try to get people from different worlds: video, tattoo, advertising,..."

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An audio or video podcast?

"The 1st season was audio but this 2nd season there will be the video format as well! It allows me to concentrate many of my skills into one project!"

Where did this idea come from?

"I've always wanted to do a podcast so when I resigned from my previous job, I thought this was the time! I already had everything in mind."

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Important to have multiple skills?

"In my studies, I wasn't taught 100% of one field but 50% of several. Afterwards, with curiosity, I went deeper into certain areas."

What did you want to do in the first place?

"To be a DA in an advertising agency! But as time went by, I didn't like it anymore. I was missing the design and graphic side of things."

Benjamin Potie.