October 24, 2022

Jules Simiand Brocherie

The ExtraStudent app.

Photo credit : Jules Simiand Brocherie By Antoine Boucaut

Jules Simiand Brocherie, who is he?

"I am the founder of ExtraStudent!"

What is ExtraStudent?

"The 1st school social network made in France! First created as a website, it is now an app with app with over 55,000 downloads.

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Where did the idea come from?

"From an observation by covid: a growing number of pupils were dropping out a lot while others had knowledge! We could all help each other and create a solid data bank."

Did it start quickly?

"1 day! Once I had the idea in my head, I spent a whole night creating a site that was available the next day."

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Best memory?

"Starting to generate income! We started with a project that was not at all thought of as a business project! The day we cashed in the first euro, we said to ourselves that we could be profitable.

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And the future?

"Reach 500,000 members within 2 years, grow the team, remain independent!"

Jules Simiand Brocherie.