October 17, 2022

Flaviano Sangiorgi

Flaviano & ASULÆ.

Fashion design
Photo credit : Flaviano Sangiorgi By Antoine Boucaut

Flaviano Sangiorgi, who is he?

"Honestly, I still have to get to know him. An eternal dissatisfied in his work but very cool in life, solitary but pleasant, calm and cheerful. He is attracted to beauty, whether sad or not. He is also nostalgic, I think this is one of the keys to his creativity. one of the keys to his creativity."

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What is ASULÆ?

"ASULÆ is a book that tells a story. The story of the designer's past, growing up in southern Italy between fabrics and football fields, how he interprets architecture and its shadows, nature and its lights."

When did ASULÆ start?

"During confinement with a need to communicate but words were never my strong point. So I started to speak through my creations. I started with an oversized training, no gender and wearable by any morphology. The idea was to work on the cut of the training and make it "more elegant".

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Handmade ?

"Handmade and its craftsmanship are very important to me. In a handmade piece you find a soul with feelings, happiness, fatigue, creativity. We find the true purpose of the human being: to create. Let's not forget the ethical side with local production."

A minimalist style?

"A minimalist creation must be perfect in terms of technique, shapes and colours. You can see the flaws more easily. It's also a lifestyle choice: to keep the essentials without getting overwhelmed by feelings of possession and having everything. In a minimalist place, I breathe positivity and it is very soothing. These are feelings I like to convey with my designs."

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Your favourite creation?

"I spent a lot of time on the "La Rinascita" collection. It sums up Asulæ very well. Inspired by Ancient Greece and its Olympics, the draping of the togas, their lightness and movement. The "nude" palette evokes the white of the togas, but also that of the Greek temples.

In this same idea of movement, I drew my inspiration from the world of contemporary dance: a discipline which, like textile art, contributes to conveying strong messages. These silhouettes also tell another story, a more personal one this time: that of a small child growing up in a small village in Sicily.

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Any dreams?

"I like to think of it as goals/objectives and not really dreams. I'm working to make people recognise my world without seeing the brand name. That's my goal!"

Flaviano Sangiorgi.