November 29, 2022

Guillaume Tartar

The app Artgapi.

Photo credit : Guillaume Tartar & Louis Lebreton By Antoine Boucaut

Who is Guillaume Tartar?

"I am an entrepreneur with a particular background. My travels have forged my culture, my experiences and my desire to undertake."

A special background?

"After my high school degree, I gave up an academic career and left, I did a lot of jobs around the world.


What about Artgapi?

"I had the idea during the confinement, in parallel with my previous projects. Artgapi was launched in 2022."

What is Artgapi?

"1st social network dedicated to the art sector to help artists in need of visibility."


Why this project?

"Not having a degree, I find that success should not be based on a CV but on passion and determination."

Artgapi's goal?

"To democratize the art market, federate a community and open the doors to the art market."


Artists can sell?

"Artgapi allows them to exhibit their creations and allows art lovers to buy them."

Guillaume Tartar.