November 7, 2022

Hugo Bentz

How about a look at "La Chapelle" ?

Photo credit : Hugo Bentz By Antoine Boucaut

Who is Hugo Bentz?

"I live in Bordeaux, I'm 34 years old, married and father of a little Juliette and I'm an entrepreneur!


Are you an entrepreneur?

"I am an entrepreneur with the particularity of having set up quite a few companies over the last 10 years, mainly in the B2B textile sector. Out of 7/8 companies, 6 have made more than €1M in the first year! Now I'm starting a new life: the creation of La Chapelle, a start-up studio!

What is La Chapelle?

"The principle is simple: we have ideas, we look for external CEOs by pitching them the idea to try to bring them along with us. Eventually, the goal is for the team that joins us to be in the majority and for us to be coaches/founders."


When did it start?

"I started talking about it this summer and we're going to release 3 companies by the end of the year, 2 of which are already being launched behind the scenes. I've been kicking around this idea for a year and I took 6 months to think about it and centralise my ideas."

Important to help others?

"It's super important, it's come full circle! I've had many mentors in my entrepreneurial career and it's a pleasure to be able to help young people now."

Dedicated to a specific type of start-up?

"For the moment no, we're going to set up everything! The idea, for 2 years, is to test a lot of things, to see what works or not. After these two years, we'll analyse everything and focus on a niche!


The Chapel in 1 year?

"I hope we will have set up at least 5 projects with clear process starts, which will have met their market with a MRO in place."

Hugo Bentz.