November 28, 2022

Jimmy Vienot

World Champion.

Photo credit : Jimmy Vienot By Antoine Boucaut

Who is Jimmy Vienot?

"I am 27 years old, I started judo at 4 years old until 13 years old in competition. Then Thai boxing, kickboxing and MMA. I was world champion at 21 and 7x overall."

Training pace?

"Every day! I do 2 workouts a day for a total of 6 hours."


What about the fights?

"I used to fight every month. Now it's more like 1x a quarter."

Your record?

"A total of 92 wins for 113 fights, including 32 by knockout."


Any doubts?

"Many as any sportsman. The entourage too who aimed rather the school but you have to get up and not let go of anything."


"Sportsmen who last over time like Nadal, Ronaldo and Messi."

Next goal?

"I would like to win the UFC belt! That's the ultimate goal."


Anything to add?

"I would like to thank everyone who follows me, my sponsors, my fans, my team,..."

Jimmy Vienot.