October 11, 2022

Jules Pedretti

Entrepreneurship, Skilz, The Cabinet, Influence,...

Photo credit : Jules Pedretti By Antoine Boucaut

Who's Jules Pedretti ?

"A young entrepreneur of 24 years old who, after a 5-year degree in business school, launched himself into entrepreneurship. School was not my thing, I wanted to be an entrepreneur !"

Your relationship with work ?

"Honestly, I don't live to work, I work to live! I love sports, nutrition, fashion,... I am a passionate person and I need my work to be linked to a passion or something I love!"


Who's behind Skilz ?

"7 buddies, closer to being family than friends, who worked for a very long time to release V1 of Skilz, the new social network for generation Z."

The Skilz V1 ?

"The aim of V1 was to allow young people to create a portfolio by creating content and to be able to share it in communities linked to the subjects of these creations. From the first day of the launch, Skilz has had over 250,000 visits to the site !"

So there is a V2 ?

"Skilz allows creators, artists, influencers, athletes to share job opportunities with their community. They are the social link between businesses & online communities in tomorrow's society."


What about le cabinet Skilz ?

"We enable companies to find the right discourse and channels to recruit their talent ! We use content creators to broadcast job offers and company DNA on social networks. The aim is to boost recruitment and make the employer brand shine."

Working in groups ?

"The best thing is to know where you come from and where you want to go to achieve great things together. I have no desire to work with people I don't like. It must be a blast! If it's just waking up every morning and praying for the weekend to come, it's no use!"


Business & influence, is it ok ?

"I was hesitant to post on the networks with Maya at first, but I don't regret it. People are caring and lovely (no pun intended)."

Jules Pedretti.