September 22, 2022


Responsible and made in France.

Photo credit : Kwash By Antoine Boucaut

What is Kwash?

"The first responsible kit to clean your sneakers!

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Who is behind Kwash?

"Two sneaker enthusiasts, Louis and myself, Yann. Personally, I was one of the first in the resell community before the hype! I ended up leaving this community which was becoming unhealthy."

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When did you get the idea?

"Containment! I started to become ecologically aware. I started to consume better and to reduce my sneaker purchases. I then thought that I needed a way to maintain my pairs to reduce my consumption but in an environmentally friendly way."

Natural, was that important?

"I had tested competitors like Crep Protect but allergies came up. I found out that they are not required to give the full ingredients! After many requests, I got access to the ingredients and saw that it was catastrophic for health and for the environment!"

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Made in France too?

"With Louis, we asked ourselves why there were no alternatives in France. We thought we'd create it ourselves. We went on a tour of laboratories in France before finding a family laboratory near Marseille to create our products. For our brush, we work with the biggest brush factory in France! It is made of beech wood from wood scraps (eco-responsible approach). For the moment, 70% of the brush's bristles are made of vegetable fibres, but the aim is to increase this percentage. to increase this percentage.

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What can you find in the kit?

"A 50ml super-concentrated soap (lemon-eucalyptus), a brush, an organic cotton fabric hand-woven in a rehabilitation centre in France + a card with a qr code for the instructions."

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And the price?

"The kit is €40 and effective for 40 washes, so €1 per clean pair! Next to the shops washing a pair of sneakers for almost 40€..."

Yann Komo, co-founder.