November 17, 2022

Isabel Picazo

Mental Health.

Mental health
Photo credit : Isabel Picazo By Antoine Boucaut

Isabel Picazo is who?

"I am the founder of Lahora that I develop in the incubator La Ruche!"


A project around mental health?

"Mental health issues like anxiety have dictated my life since I was young. We need to successfully learn to live with anxiety or depression but society needs to stop seeing it as a problem!"

What about this project?

"Lahora is the result of a desire for personal growth and naturalization of the importance of taking care of yourself and your mental health. It is a BtoB solution to support individuals through their business."


Why B2B?

"Caring for your mental health can come at a cost and I think the company needs to see their employees as human and help them with that aspect."

The impact you want to make?

"Lower the barometer of suicide rates related to mental exhaustion! That's what I personally care about."


Lahora's goals?

"Democratize and reinvent mental health care. How? By raising awareness and empowering companies to become true actors of change who accompany their employees in their personal development and quest for meaning."

Isabel Picazo.