September 28, 2022

Océane Andréa

Her podcast "Chez nous".

Photo credit : Océane Andréa By Antoine Boucaut

Océane Andréa, who is she?

"Franco-Portuguese, I grew up in Paris. I am studying business, on exchange in the United States. These studies allow me to touch a bit of everything. I am a very dynamic person, I need to do a lot of projects.


Why a podcast?

"Social networks are superficial. I wanted to share what I think, things that are not highlighted enough on the networks! It was the best way to talk and help others. It can be listened to while doing other things, getting messages across without blocking people."


Why "Home"?

"Home is not necessarily a house! Home is a smell, activities, people that make me feel at home! With this podcast it's important to feel comfortable, like at home!"

Safe place goal?

"I try to put forward that it's my opinion, what I have in mind! I don't want to impose my opinion on others, each person has their own! Let us feel free to express our opinions."


Important to be natural?

"It's important to be as close to people as possible! When talking about safe place, I have to feel comfortable myself. It also allows me to talk about things I'm more comfortable with than on Insta. If I reveal myself, others can feel comfortable listening."

A podcast with several people?

"Yes! My brother for example and I know that as soon as I get back to France we'll do one together! I really like listening to podcasts made by several people."


Any topic you don't want to talk about?

"Yes, several... Things I haven't digested yet. I still have too much grief to talk about it. There are also other events from my childhood!"


Anxiety appears in your podcasts.

"It dictated my childhood. I've always been, since I was little! I knew how to hide it, but after a while, it comes out a lot and explodes. Anxiety affects me in so many ways. Today, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves but everyone expresses their anxiety in different ways! "

Océane Andréa.