November 9, 2022

Olivier Ramel

CEO & Co-founder Kymono.

Photo credit : Olivier Ramel By Antoine Boucaut

Who is Olivier Ramel?

"31 years old, CEO and co-founder of Kymono. I'm passionate about creating projects, padel and life! I did a TED Talk on the latter by the way."

What are you passionate about?

"Creating projects! Going from an idea to its realization and early successes, that's what transcends me."


Always had a desire to be an entrepreneur?

"I created my high school's official sweater which was already a serious project! Finding suppliers, communicating, selling,... That was the trigger, having a project that drives me from the moment I wake up!"

The goal of Kymono?

"To make the corporate culture shine through different services: personalized clothing and objects, office design, advice and events with Kymono Life."


A 5th vertical is coming?

"The Kymono House: living spaces for seminars. They will allow you to live with your team, work and have fun during several days."

"Right! It's like I'm putting together a new project every time. Except I do it in Kymono, which solidifies the box even more!"


The content of your TED Talk?

"I have defined 5 pillars that need to be constantly in balance! There is family, friends, love, health and work. I try not to let any of them take over which makes me feel good."

Olivier Ramel.