September 25, 2022

Pierre Perusseau

Who's Pierre Perusseau ?

Photo credit : Pierre Perusseau By Antoine Boucaut

Who is Pierre Perusseau?

"I've been a photographer for 7 and a half years, I started doing this work with my father! I did a school in alternation, I now do press photos, paparazzi! For the past 2 and a half years, I have created a network that is substantial enough to make a living out of it!"

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Do you ever work in a duo?

"With Tiziano yes, we try to do as many projects together as possible like the collaborations with Balenciaga or the sessions with Kim Kardashian."

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Do you work with Kim Kardashian?

"One day, her photographer wasn't there and because our agency works with the American agency of this photographer, we were able to shoot her for a day. Since then, we have been working with her regularly."

Collaborations with Balenciaga?

"We were able to shoot the Balenciaga show during fashion week! We really got to have fun, manage the lights, shoot the models! Being inside the Balenciaga show and aftershow is really cool and it's a pleasure to continue working together."

Between photographer and influencer?

"Usually there is a bit of a special relationship. They have a bit of a haughty attitude, you feel underneath. We often noticed that working with influencers for free, we felt despised, no name, no tag, no recontact, no exposure! By getting paid, you gain that respect!"

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Was one meeting different?

"Yes, the relationships created have become friendly, we exchange regularly. With these people, I accepted to work for free during events and in the end we created a link and I am called back to work together."

Your favourite photo?

"In England at "The Best Player" event, the photo of Zidane with his wife which was on the cover of Paris Match, my only cover of that magazine."

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An event you like best?

"The Cannes Film Festival because of the profitability, the work, the way of being at the top of your game for 14 days! We are there to meet, exchange, connect with others. Being a football fan, the World Cup in Russia and the Women's World Cup in France was also a great event."

Pierre Perusseau.