October 26, 2022

Ryan Gault

Akrobate : influencer marketing.

Photo credit : Ryan Gault By Antoine Boucaut

Ryan Gault, who is he?

"I'm 25 years old and the founder of Akrobate and the Content Creators for Good label."

Tell us more about this label.

"At the moment it's in the ideation phase. The goal is for it to enhance Akrobate. Imagine the impact if a big chunk of influencers commit to talking about the environment."

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And Akrobate?

"We want to show that influencer marketing is better than people think. There are creators with engaged communities. We want to help small content creators emerge and become professional."

How is the launch going?

"We are below our expectations in terms of providers, the number of content creators present, but we are above expectations in terms of the number of customers!"

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So there is a demand?

"There is a real demand from customers who sign up to find the right content creator for them."

Time from idea to launch?

"About a year and a half, two years. A project like this requires learning, development,..."

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Do you have a team?

There are five of us in total with an average age of 20."

Ryan Gault.