September 27, 2022

Samuel Durand

3rd documentary in preparation.

Photo credit : Samuel Durand By Antoine Boucaut

Samuel Durand, who is he?

"I am 26 years old and I come from Lyon. I'm very interested in the transformation of work and I set up projects around this subject."


What are you doing?

"Discovering the different managerial and organisational innovations that allow work to be transformed and sharing my learnings on this subject through documentaries, conferences, writing and a comic book."


Why talk about work?

"In my business school, I had to do two 6-month internships. I didn't see myself following this pattern because I had already tasted independence by doing about twenty freelance missions, setting up a first company. I set up a Learning Expedition project on the subject of work because I saw areas for improvement in my daily life as a freelancer. This Learning Expedition was more focused on the relationship between big companies and freelancers."

Any hesitation in following you?

"Everyone followed me quickly! I started to get interested in 2018/2019 just before the covid. The 1st documentary came out in 2020 and covid accelerated this topic by making it mainstream."


A significant encounter?

"In WIP 2, meeting Peter in Chamonix who makes wooden skis and talks about craftsmanship, autonomy, creativity. He's never worked in a company but his speech resonates a lot with what's going on in companies and how to improve everyone's daily life."

Your third documentary?

"It's going to talk about the relationship to working time. We'll be exploring topics like the 4-day week, shorter days but also to those who work a lot but by choice. "


Why a comic book?

"To reach a younger audience with this format but also the desire to create a different format myself by testing new things. It gets more people hooked with the different formats. "

Samuel Durand.