September 26, 2022

Le Spécialiste Vintage

Le Spécialiste Vintage.

Photo credit : Le Spécialiste Vintage By Antoine Boucaut

What is the Vintage Specialist?

"To put it simply, it's me with all the humility that this name should also impose. My desire is to work on a rigorous selection of Vintage pieces by putting my expertise at the service of my clients."

When did your passion for watchmaking begin?

"It doesn't make me any younger... Let's just say I've been interested, learning and collecting for a little over 20 years now."

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Why vintage watches?

"I love the idea of selecting watches that are by definition used to "measure" time and that have themselves been through it. On the wrist of one or more enthusiasts, telling their story through their period design and patina. Very much in line with the Japanese concept of "wabi sabi".

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Your first watch?

"A Mickey automatic watch, recently restored for my son. Otherwise the one that launched my interest in so-called "luxury" watches: a Breitling Colt Automatic bought from an airline pilot."

Damien, founder.