October 22, 2022

Trésor Bofete

Behind "Style sur la ville".

Photo credit : Trésor Bofete By Antoine Boucaut

Who is Trésor Bofete?

"I'm a fashion and style enthusiast!"

What do you do for a living?

"I'm a communications consultant and fashion podcaster."

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What is Style on the Town?

"It started as a small personal Instagram account where I shared my looks and inspirations. With time and the creation of my agency, the account has become more professional and respects a real editorial line between looks, advice, podcasts etc..."

Eco-responsible fashion?

"For me, tomorrow's fashion will necessarily be eco-responsible because we are coming to the end of the fast fashion cycle. I try, at my level, to highlight the brands that are going in the right direction.

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Where does this passion for fashion come from?

"I'm of Congolese origin and since I was a child I've seen Congolese sapeurs with incredible looks in my family! I think my passion comes from there."

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Best advice?

"Find your own style!"

Best memory?

"When I set up my communications agency!"

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"To become the communication agency of reference for eco-responsible brands."

Trésor Bofete.