October 14, 2022

Valentin Richardot

"J'ai un pote dans la com".

Photo credit : Valentin Richardot By Antoine Boucaut

Who is Valentin Richardot?

"An enthusiastic entrepreneur who lives between Paris and Nancy. Passionate about content creation, new business and media."

What do you do for a living?

"CEO and editor in chief of J'ai un pote dans la com. It's a media dedicated to the world of marketing, creativity and innovation. My job is to develop the business and the influence of our media."

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What is J'ai un pote dans la com?

"The reference media for marketing and creativity. It is aimed at all professionals in the sector, entrepreneurs and decision-makers. In a few figures, it's 400 million impressions per year, 800,000 subscribers and 400 video and audio contents produced each year.

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Do you teach?

"Very exciting to meet the students and share my vision of the media and the market. They are very motivated and also inspiring. And no, teaching classes was not an objective initially, the cool extra."

Future plans?

"We'll be launching new formats soon: 2 podcasts, 1 new web series and new B2B offers."

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And in 5 years?

"With a great team to lead our media projects. We're also working on developing our production studio, so the idea is to also make it a must for any type of advertiser."

Valentin Richardot.