October 6, 2022

Victor Linder

A modest entrepreneur who brings together talents!

Photo credit : Victor Linder By Antoine Boucaut

Victor Linder, who is he?

"A passionate entrepreneur. This passion made me realise that I have a passion for people! I am moving forward and I realise that I like to put together a team, people who take the project to heart. I modestly present myself as an entrepreneur who brings together talents! "

Screenshot 2022-10-12 at 13.47.25.png](/uploads/Capture_d_ecran_2022_10_12_a_13_47_25_7cb7e5a735.png)

How long have you been passionate ?

"Since my internship in Moscow, when I lived with my boss who lived only for his job. I was facing an entrepreneurial neurosis! It was the first time that I really wanted a job. In my second internship, I landed in a startup at its launch and that confirmed my desire to pass on, gather, and be master of what I do!

Any failures?

"I have set up several companies that I have failed! For the first one, I made all the possible mistakes. For the 2nd one, the covid hurt. Association is also an important aspect with many essential criteria."


And the association with BTS?

"I started BTS with my best friend and we are very complementary! That's the success of this project!"

And this media idea?

"We thought that the media was a great showcase for our agency! It allows us to stand out from the competition compared to all the other video creators! Clients already know you more easily."


Why the video?

"I didn't want to set up a company around my hobbies. 1st box: social entrepreneurship because I want to help! 2nd: contemporary art to push me to find out more and because my partner was an art lover! Now video because I was consuming content to learn and I thought there was a way to improve this video content! I'm trying to answer a problem!"

The early days?

"The early days are very hard. I don't want to make it beautiful either but looking back now, the teams we've created, it's crazy!"

Screenshot 2022-10-12 at 13.51.14.png

What has it done for you?

"Entrepreneurship has opened me up to things like taking care of my body, meditation, being aware of the present moment!"

Victor Linder.